Where I Am:

A screening programme in three acts


Thursday 4th June

Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh

Doors 6.30pm, Programme starts 7pm sharp

Free, but booking is essential


For the concluding episode of our national touring programme, Talbot Rice will present a single screening event in three acts, featuring selected works from the Where I Am project. Alongside these works, new selections will be presented, spanning artists’ moving image in Scotland from the 1930s to the present day.


Act 1



from Peter Todd. Todd is an artist, filmmaker and co-editor of Subjects and Sequences: A Margaret Tait Reader

Where I Am Is Here

Margaret Tait
35 mins, 16mm transferred to digital

Shadow of  a Journey

Tina Keane
20 mins, 8mm/16mm transferred to digital

Call of the Wild

Marvin Gaye Chetwynd
6 mins, 16mm transferred to digital

Act 2



on the programme from Isla Leaver-Yap (Director, LUX Scotland)

Stoneymollan Trail

Charlotte Prodger
9 min. extract, HD video


Sera Furneaux
12 mins, Beta-SP transferred to digital

Act 3



Annabel Nicolson
8 mins, 16mm

Midgie Noise

Duncan Marquiss
2 mins, SD video

I don’t know what to call this

Rob Kennedy
2 min. extract, SD video

The Weather Outside

Sarah Lock
2 mins, Beta-SP transferred to digital


Katy Dove
4 mins, SD video

Sarah Neely interview 

“What it is about the ideology that’s framing peoples perception of film at whatever time period you’re looking at? What is it about that, that makes these filmmakers invisible in some way?”

LUX Scotland talks to Sarah Neely about the politics of film histories.

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Where I am is Here 


“Where I am is here is social without story. It shows people, unknown to them, living and working and doing things with a kind of quotidian care and love, above all it shows a kind of calm survival, a getting-on-with-it, whether in the cleaning of or traversing of a street or the putting up of a new city. It does all this by forcing nothing, by allowing images their own voice. It is meditative and calm; its seeming structurelessness is a deception; its images are reverberative, as in all working poetic structure.” Ali Smith, LUX Online

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Featured artist:
Annabel Nicholson 

“Once repaired the film starts again, but the pauses become more frequent as the brittle filmstrip deteriorates, needing further splices. The screen image becomes all-but-obliterated by light, unlike the real-time moving shadowgraph which remains constant. The performance ends with the film’s destruction, when the projectionist announces that it can no longer pass through the projector. The house-lights come on.” Felicity Sparrow, LUX Online

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Image credit: Capital created by Melissa Gaviria

Talbot Rice Gallery

University of Edinburgh,

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