What is a video art?

In 1984 the Television Workshop was established in Dundee by Stephen Partridge, to give artists and filmmakers in Scotland access to the latest technology in video editing, graphics processing and image compositing.
For the Where I Am touring programme, DCA and LUX Scotland present Talkback: What is a video art? This round-table video marathon will comprise screenings and discussion of artists’ video work from 1984–1991, an overlooked era of artist’s video. Where projects like TV Workshop offered access to new technologies, skills and techniques, this era was characterised by an emerging and exciting field of visual possibility.
Join us on Wednesday 20th May to watch and discuss selected videos (both art works, music videos, idents and promotional clips) and join in the conversation about the birth of contemporary video practice in Scotland.
Participating speakers include Stephen Sutcliffe (artist), Nick Thomas (artist, LUX Scotland, Transmission), Clive Gillman (artist, Director DCA), Dennis Reinmuller and Debbie Moody (artists), Allison Scott (artist, Generator Projects), Adam Lockhart (REWIND, archivist) and Luke Collins (LUX Scotland Project Manager).

Courtesy of Rewind

20th May, 3.00pm – 8.00pm
Dundee Contemporary Arts


3.00pm: Doors open.
3.15pm: Introduction to the day from Clive Gillman (DCA) and Luke Collins (LUX Scotland).
3.30-6.00pm: The afternoon will comprise two sessions of screenings and discussion (Session 1, 3.30-4.30pm, Session 2, 4.45-6.15pm). Each of the invited speakers will introduce some work/s followed by an open and evolving discussion through the day.
6.30pm: Screening and profile: Daniel Reeves.

Mosaic For The Kali Yuga (1986)
One With Everything (1998)
Obsessive Becoming (1995)

Interview with Stephen Partridge

LUX Scotland’s Luke Collins talks to artist Stephen Partridge about the origins of the Television Workshop, Scottish artists’ moving image and the rapid development of new video technology in the 1980s.

Read the interview

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Dundee Contemporary Arts
152 Nethergate

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